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FDA Approved LASER Technology For Unwanted Hair Removal

Is There Any Hair Removal Therapy Certified By the US FDA?

Yes, Laser hair removal is a non-surgical method of removing unwanted hair, and US FDA certifies this therapy.
Results are visible after the very first treatment. You will have less hair will be thinner and weaker. The skin is visibly smoother and the pores less visible hair. The results become more and more impressive with successive treatments.

Is The Laser Treatment Applicable For Men Or Women Only?

Laser hair reduction therapy is like Confidence-boosting aesthetic treatments that are now in high demand and suitable for both men and women who want to look better feel good about them, and age gracefully.

Can Get This Laser Treatment For Unwanted Hair Removal In India?

Yes, People who have hair in unwanted areas or who have excess hair due to hormonal imbalance or medications are candidates for laser hair removal. White, naturally blonde, or red hair which does not respond well goes under laser treatments as there is little or no pigment in the root of your hairs.

Is There Any High Skilled Professional Doctor For Laser Treatment To Remove Unwanted Hair?

Yes, Dr. Subhashini Jayam is one of the highly trained and experienced dermatology specialists. The initial step of your journey initiates with a conversation.
Coming in for a consultation at Enchant Medical Aesthetics is the most crucial step towards solving your unwanted hair problem. Together, she will determine if you’re an appropriate candidate for successful treatment. Additionally, it offers the latest hair removal technology, so limitations are minimal.
Dr. SubhashiniJayam is available to review and recommend laser settings and procedures for every question imaginable and is committed to handling all your concerns. Enchant Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Hyderabad offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our laser hair removal services.

Is There Any Age Group For Laser Treatment?

Yes! Laser hair removal is completely safe and carried out by an experienced, qualified professional. Results tend to become permanent once these hormonal changes have regulated around the age of 18 for both the gender.
Enchant Medical Aesthetics will be able to take you through whether laser hair removal is right for your teen and will explain how many sessions will be required.

For Best Results: Please contact Dr.Subhashini Jayam +91 8978788108 & Send Message here https://www.enchantmedicalcosmetology.com/contact-dermatologist-hyderabad/ 

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