SiteGround Hosting Review 2018 -

SiteGround Hosting Review 2018

Hello readers! In this our new blog post, we have published SiteGround hosting reviews. SiteGround is one of the top web hosting service providers all over the globe. SiteGround provides all sorts of hosting at very affordable price rates.
You cannot buy monthly web hosting plans. But SiteGround allows you to buy a trial package to try before buy. After the expiration of the trial plan, users can buy 1 year, 2 years or more long-term hosting plans with unlimited extras.
SiteGround provides all sorts of hosting plans for small or large scale business or personal web hosting. Now in the next section, we will aware you for various SiteGround web hosting plans.

Shared Web Hosting:  
SiteGround offers three exclusive plans for shared web hosting. Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek.
1.   You can buy a startup plan for a great web start. Startup plan costs you $3.95 per month with an annual subscription. This plan offers one website, 10 GB web space and suitable for 10,000 monthly visits.
Features of Startup plan:
·         Free website builder
·         Free CMS Install
·         Cpanel and SSH access
·         SSD Storage
·         Unlimited Email Accounts
·         HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
·         GDPR complaint
·         24 X7 Technical support

2.   If you are looking for more features and resources for your heavily trafficked website, GrowBig web hosting plan can be more beneficial for you. This plan costs you $5.95 per month with the yearly subscription.

Features of GrowBig Plan:

·         Multiple websites
·         20 GB web space
·         Suitable for 25000 monthly visits
·         Free website migration
·         Premium Backup
·         Premium Speed

3.   If you are looking web hosting for your resource intensive and heavily trafficked website, then you should go for GoGeek plan. This plan costs you $11.95 per month with an annual subscription.

Features of GoGeek Plan:

·         Multiple websites
·         30 GB web space
·         Suitable for 100,000 monthly visits
·         Instant backups on demand
·         Geeky staging Tools for WordPress and Joomla
·         PCI compliance for e-shop for safety
SiteGround web hosting services include all essential and premium features with all associated hosting
Cloud Web Hosting:
SiteGround offers fast cloud hosting platform based on innovative technology. If you are willing to host small development or high traffic e-commerce website, SiteGround provides various managed cloud web hosting plans.
Here we discuss the 4 cloud web hosting plans offering by SiteGround Web Hosting providers. These plans are Entry, Business, Business Plus, and Super Power.
·         Entry plan costs you $80 per month. This plan offers 2 CPU cores, 4 GB memory, 40GB SSD Space and 5 TB data transfer.
·         Business plan costs you $120 per month which includes 3 CPU cores, 6 GB memory, 60 GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer.
·         Business plus plan costs you $160 per month which includes 4 CPU cores, 8GB memory, 80 GB SSD space and 5 TB data transfer.
·         Super Power web hosting plan offers 8 CPU cores, 10 GB memory, 120 GB SSD space and 5 TB data transfer at $240 per month.
With Cloud Hosting, you can add more resources to your server in a single click for traffic spikes without rebooting.
Dedicated Hosting:
If you are willing to boost the performance of your server and highly innovative functionality, you can host your website with a dedicated server. SiteGround offers 3 exclusive dedicated hosting service plans such as Entry Server, Power Server, and Super Power Server.
·         The Entry server plan costs you $260 per month. This plan is equipped with 10TB bandwidth, 480 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM, 8MB CPU Cache, 8 CPU threads, 4 CPU Cores, and 3.20 GHz CPU clock speed.
·         The next power Server plan costs $349 per month which includes 10 TB bandwidth, 960 GB SSD storage capacity, 32 GB RAM, 8 MB CPU cache, 8 CPU threads, 4 CPU cores, and 3.50 GHz CPU clock speed
·         The third Super Power Server costs 729$ per month. This plan consists of 10 TB bandwidth, 2X960 GB SSD in RAID1, 64 GB RAM, 15 MB CPU cache, 24 CPU Threads, 12 CPU cores, and 2 GHz CPU clock speed.
Site Ground owns three data centers (US, Europe, Asia-Pacific) all over the globe to provide their customer with a fast and easily customized hosting experience.
Reseller Hosting:
SiteGround offers the cheapest Reseller hosting for website developers to maintain their clients hosting on a long-term basis. To provide reliable hosting and to increase your revenue, you can buy Reseller hosting from SiteGround.
Reseller hosting costs you as little as $42 per month with attractive discount offers. You can buy initially 5 reseller credits to get started. Reseller hosting features include 10 GB space, unmetered data transfer, free daily backup, Free Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Data Bases, CPanel and SSH Access and Unlimited FTP accounts.
WordPress Hosting:
You can buy the cheapest WordPress hosting from SiteGround. The company provides featured WordPress hosting at just $3.95 per month.
You can choose the best plans for these three. Startup, GrowBig, GoGeek WordPress plans
·         The very first Startup plan costs $3.95 per month with the annual subscription. It includes 1 website, 10 GB web space, and capacity of 10,000 monthly visits.
·         The second exclusive GrowBig Plan offers you multiple websites with 20 GB Web Space. This plan is suitable for 25000 monthly visits. The cost of GrowBig Plan is $5.95 per month with all essential and premium WordPress Features.
·         The third GoGeek Plan costs you $11.95 per month. This plan gives you up to 30 GB of web space for unlimited websites. The plan is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits.
SiteGround also offers the awesome WordPress tools such as 1-click installer, Auto updates, WP CLI inclusion, SuperCacher and interface for Git repo creation.
Customer Support:
SiteGround provides A1 category customer support with 24/7 hours of availability. Best customer care executives are capable to assist you for any kind of issues instantly. You may reach them via phone calls, emails, chats or US-based ticketing system with instant response.
Money back Guarantee:
SiteGround Offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee in case any customer doesn’t meet their requirements. Customers can claim their refund within 30 days from the date of purchasing.  
Pros and Cons:  In this section, we have listed some points describing the pros and cons of SiteGround Hosting.
·         SiteGround Hostings have excellent Uptime.
·         It offers exclusive web hosting plans with a number of security features for all sorts of business.
·         SiteGround provides 24 X7 friendly customer support
·         SiteGround offers free SSL certificate in each plan of associated hosting.
·         Limited data storage for WordPress Hosting. Nothing else.

Hope this blog post will be the most beneficial for you to choose the best hosting services. SiteGround is really a brand among the top 10 web hosting service providers in the Globe.

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