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Learn Complete Digital Marketing By The Latest Book Published in 2018

Book review Understanding Digital Marketing

With the succession of three editions, the fourth book “Understanding Digital Marketing” has been published and sold widely. The book is written by Damian Ryan, well-known founder and chairman of The Global Academy of Digital marketing. He is an author of many famous books like Understanding Social Media, The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the world I and II.

Length of book -It consists of 16 chapters with many new sections included in it. It was written in the starting of 2014 and was published in 2016.

Insights - As nowadays digital marketing is in considerable demand, this book provides a good guidance and explanation to it. There is an addition of mobile marketing and content marketing to boost your digital marketing needs.

The book starts with simple structured of an understanding background of the Internet, a growth of its digital channels and demand for digital marketing strategies with simple steps to guide you.

It includes the urge of a website (a channel) with appropriate designs counting on its usability and accessibility. It states the technical mechanics needed for hosting and developing a web page for writing powerful blog content.

There is also included web page designs and mistake you can skip on a website. Further, it moves it by providing measurements for digital marketing. It comes up with an idea of earned media and other web metrics. There is also included attribution modeling, Gross Rating Points, Making Measurement make sense techniques.

Now days search engine marketing is focused and brought up frequently. It has provided real tactics for SEO and advises for building your website. It covers keywords like HTML, tags, universal search, social search, paid bots and spiders and many other things. There is a chapter for understandings social media, its different forms and benefits a marketer can get from it. It includes social media boards and blogs too.

Customer Relationship Management database ignores the email marketing section which is must for a business.

Why should you read this book?

There are some strategies for designing, testing, campaigns and measurements include in email marketing. The new chapter of mobile marketing that provides summary tips for the construction of a successful app. As nowadays, mobile marketing is gaining its position in the market.

Performance marketing and its necessity for advertising and sponsorship in business. Understanding online public relation with its principles of standard PR and advise on crisis management. It also includes a complete guide to online reputation management.
Content Management chapter covers topic like content strategies, content production, content promotion, blogs, a content creation which are a vital part for online digital marketing.

The book focuses on the consumer market and covers an astonishing range of topics. With in-depth insider stories cover digital marketing strategies of famous brands like Harley Davidson, UEFA Europe League, Mercado Libre, Accor Hotels, Tesco, Littlewoods and many more. It also includes views of contributors, cases studies of some brands.

Bottom LineThe book has gained its popularity and required reading by 100+ universities and colleges. It is a clearly written book where you can find a solution for your digital needs to increase your business. It gives you an attractive and detailed informative guide at affordable price.

Learn Complete Digital Marketing By The Latest Book Published in 2018 Learn Complete Digital Marketing By The Latest Book Published in 2018 Reviewed by DMS WEB TECH on September 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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