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Email Verification and Validation

Email verification and Validation Services:
Lots of tech companies are providing fast and secure email verification and validation services. The legitimacy of bulk emails can be checked via various validation technique and tools. All these techniques depend on the internal databases and proprietary algorithms.
Email verification and validation process are not new for the digital marketers while performing email marketing. The validation and verification of email are must as people usually make mistakes while providing their email details or invalid email addresses.
But now you can easily get rid of these circumstances by email verification and validation services. Here are the steps that undergo the process of email verification and validation.

Syntax Checking: Through this process, the whole syntax of email is properly checked (as per the IETF standards) by the fast performing software.
Domain checking: This step verifies the DNS and MX records of email Addresses. In case the domain is invalid and MX record is missing, then email addresses are declared invalid.
Account Detection: Role-based emails such as info@, sales@, admin@ are easily detected in this process. Such types of email can negatively impact your deliverability and blacklist you with some ISPs.
DEA Detection: This process is recommended to detect the throwaway or Disposable Email Addresses or “Junk Collector”. This process is used while creating an account by signup forms or login forms which require a valid email address.
Spam Detection: To appropriately detect spam seeds, BOTS, blacklisted or bogus email addresses spam detection techniques comes under this process. This is the smart technique used for trapping spammers.
DNSBLs or URI DNSBLs Checking:  DNSBLs is the list of IP addresses usually used for spamming. DNSBL is the acronym of DNS-Based Blackhole List. URI DNSBLs shortlists the domain names found in spam email body. In this process, email Addresses and IP Addresses are thoroughly checked to trap the spammers.
Final Verification: This is the last stage of Email verification and validation processes. This phase performs SMTP verifications on each email addresses. Without sending email, detected emails are pinged for mailbox existence.  

About Zerobounce:
Zerobounce is one of the most prominent and leading email verification and validation services providers. It acquires a high performing email validation system ensuring no deliverability issues while sending complex and high volume emails. Zerobounce has an accuracy guarantee of 98%. The company is a GDPR compliant and one of the best-priced email verification and validation service providers.


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